At the visualisations a residence of TYPE 3, a residence of TYPE 3 has parking places instead of garage and kitchen attached to barbecue in the courtyard. The building in its original appearance is positioned on columns over the ground. The outline is incomparably more harmonious but lacks a warm garage.

The grounded floor of a house of TYPE 3 has a large summer dinning room. Parking place could be allocated near the house, covered by a shelter.

The specified alternative to house of TYPE 2 has the same step as the basic model, but has radically different scope and area decision. From the visualisations, it can be seen that the original concept of maximum opened south and reduced/closed north façade is most clearly here. The suspended façade shop window is acting as an element of the passive system for absorption of sunlight energy. Some measures have been envisaged to reduce the losses of heat through it. The ground floor is completely open shared area, which can be transformed into three separate premises at the owner’s wish. The mechanisms and the way how the different partitioned walls will be opened and closed are decided and the design is fully considered with the buyers. The house has high ceiling in the dinning room and two instead of three bedrooms.


The date of commence of the construction is 01 of March 2009. Before this date, three possible urban decisions will be presented to the attention of selected investors. The attached sketches contain preliminary studies concerning the terrains owned by the investors near by the village of Herakovo.

VERSION А - maximum density – high percentage public section (LEVEL -1)

VERSION B – maximum density - underground parking

VERSION C – moderate density - separate plots